Monday, December 10, 2007

CIA Destroys Terrorist Interrogation Videos: Today's Cartoon

If the CIA destroys videos of terrorism suspects because they have no "intelligence value", rather than to conceal their use of "harsh" interrogation methods, then I can't wait until they finally get around to dealing with American Idol... because watching that rubbish is absolute TORTURE!

While I understand the decision by the CIA to withhold specific information about the tapes over fears that it may tarnish the agency's reputation, I also know that 2002 was almost six years ago; and the way I see it, after all that's happened in recent years, accusations of torture do not damage its reputation... it IS its reputation.

Perhaps the problem is that to the CIA, "transparency" means that nobody is supposed to see them. It seems to me that in order to improve its standing within the international community, the agency needs to open up, rather than close itself off to the rest of the world. People are inherently afraid of the unknown... but they are even more fearful of things like rendition and water-boarding.

If the CIA is unable to release actual footage of its interrogation practices to the public then at the very least they should make an effort to create something like it. For example, instead of water-boarding to produce the effects of drowning, the suspect could be tickle-tortured to produce the effects of flooding... That is unless the guy they use to play Bin Laden is too busy ;)

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