Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chavez, Putin Push To Expand Power: Today's Cartoon

To me, the delicate nature of democracy is no more evident than in the manner in which it can easily be used to "self-destruct" (seemingly at anytime)... provided that there are enough "accomplices" to help make it happen. After all, a democratic state is merely one in which its people are free to make their own decisions, even if the result yields the willful surrender of that right.

Venezuela's negative experience with "Western $tyle" democracy helped give rise to Hugo Chavez and his "Bolivarian revolution". And while people's distrust of capitalism and U.S. influence may have allowed for some of his reforms, Venezuelans appear unwilling to let their "democracy" be used to trade in a familiar system of governance for one which they've never had (with perhaps the exception of past "dictatorships").

Unlike Russia, where fond memories of its glory years as a Communist Superpower combined with its disastrous introduction to capitalism has given Vladimir Putin an extended mandate to use democracy to undo itself and revert the nation back to the familiarity of past Soviet-era "stability"... complete with accusations of intimidation and vote-rigging.

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