Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Castro Hints At Retirement: Today's Cartoon

Perhaps realizing that he can't take Cuba with him, an ailing 80 year-old Fidel Castro has finally started to consider the possibility that he might eventually one day pass away; and in doing so, leave his country without a dictator to carry on his socialist agenda, which began in 1959.

In a letter to state television, Castro hinted at retiring by expressing his concerns about clinging to office and obstructing the path of younger people; however, I wonder if by "younger" Fidel is simply referring to his 76 year-old little brother, Raul.

Well, I guess if there is one good thing to be said about dictators, it's that at least they're not pharaohs, who bury their servants alive with them. Rather, it seems that dictators are so reluctant to prepare for their own demise that such attention towards the fate of their own people is barely even considered... which at least gives them a fighting chance.

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