Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bush Criticized After Iran Report: Today's Cartoon

You know, I completely understand President Bush's reluctance to accept a U.S. intelligence report determining that Iran halted its atomic weapons program back in 2003; after all, this is the same intelligence community from which he cherry-picked false information to justify his ill-fated invasion of Iraq... I mean, how creditable can they possibly be?

Despite the fact that Iran's nuclear capabilities never presented any real threat, the Bush Administration appears less-than-thrilled by the revelation that Tehran is not pursuing nuclear weapons. Unlike Libya, whose decision to halt its WMD program was good enough for the White House, President Bush is holding firm on Iran, by demanding that it somehow unlearns what it already knows... presumably through some sort of collective amnesia; like the one which makes 24% of Americans forget the fact that Bush has never been right about ANYTHING!

So while he insists that "all options" are still on the table with regards to dealing with the nuclear "standoff" with Iran, my guess is that giving up and figuring out another route to the oil isn't one of them.

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