Friday, December 14, 2007

Baseball Stars Outed In Steroid Report: Today's Cartoon

As revealed in the Mitchell Report, the use of performance enhancing drugs in professional baseball has reached epidemic proportions among its athletes; who despite the league's attempts to improve its anti-doping policy, have had their widespread use of steroids go undetected... at least until now.

In response to this investigation, many recommendations have been made to help improve baseball's image by eliminating its "drug culture" from the clubhouse. However, in as much as it should be the players who are held accountable for their actions, I also believe the teams themselves should bare responsibility for their inaction, by creating atmospheres of complacency that enabled such abuse to occur.

The way I see it, since steroid use has become so rampant in major league baseball, rather than testing and punishing players on an individual basis, why no implement a team-based policy... resulting in one BIG urine sample? Thus, if the roster fails its "communal" drug test, the team does not play and forfeits each game, until it is finally clean.

I think that you would find that with the absence of gate venue to help pay for their players' contracts, organizations would suddenly become a lot more pro-active in flushing out the juicers, so that the rest of the team could go back on the field and continue to make money.

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