Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Scientific Breakthrough In Stem Cell Research: Today's Cartoon

Man, give scientists small enough tweezers, and they can accomplish just about anything.

The average human sheds about 10 billion flakes of skin a day, which means that if advances in stem cell research continue in the direction it seems to be headed, pretty soon all those discarded cells of DNA you're body is dropping could be swept up and used to manufacture everything from spare heart valves to taints... And people thought file sharing was a problem ;)

In the meantime, the discovery of an alternative method of collecting stem cells, which bypasses the controversial use (and destruction) of human embryos, may quiet the political debate surrounding the research; but the corruption of an ordinary skin cell with a foreign nucleus for the purpose of reprogramming its behavior still raises a few questions... such as "is it right to meddle with nature?", "what are the risks of orchestrating these man-made mutations?" and "how soon can we find out?"

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