Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sarkozy and Bush Repair Relations: Today's Cartoon

As a pet owner, I can attest that once you've become accustomed to a certain breed of lap dog, you tend to remain as loyal to it, as it remained loyal to you. This is why I'm not surprised that President Bush has decided to ease the pain of losing Tony Blair, by replacing him with another "poodle" in French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

By working to mend relations damaged over France's opposition to the Iraq war, Sarkozy seems to have taken advantage of the world's low opinion of the United States to prove his country's loyalty, at an extremely cheap rate.

In what once would have cost a nation a troop deployment to the front lines of Iraq or Afghanistan, France has been able to garner the praise of the United States, from a simple diplomatic visit to Washington... which must make Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper wonder what it is that he's doing so wrong.

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