Thursday, November 01, 2007

Robert Goulet 1933 - 2007: Today's Cartoon

While Robert Goulet may be gone, his music and Will Ferrell's characterization of him on "Saturday Night Live" will no doubt live on forever; proving that not only did he go out and do the music world a "fricken' service", but the comedy world as well, by providing it (intentionally or not) with a larger than life persona that was ripe for parody.

To an entire generation, he may have received more recognition for an animated guest spot on "The Simpsons" than his Tony and Grammy awards combined. But for an entertainer to be able find a way to remain relevant for so long, without having to resort to public nudity or racist tirades, is just a testament to Goulet's greatness as a cultural icon.

Something which I'm sure is not lost on William Shatner and the career revival that he's enjoying.

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