Monday, November 05, 2007

Musharraf Declares Pakistan Emergency: Today's Cartoon

To give you an idea of just how spectacularly screwed up the Middle East has become, Iran has one on the more "stable" governments; and yet, they are the ones considered the biggest threat to the region.

I mean, to those already weary of the Bush administration's saber rattling towards Tehran, good luck trying to convince any of them of the danger it may pose with it's imaginary nukes; when a hop-skip and a jump across the minefields of Afghanistan, there is a country descending into chaos, with control of it's very real nuclear arsenal at stake.

It seems to me that by remaining such an "outspoken" ally of the White House and its "War on Terror", Pervez Musharraf has figured out a way to use his public support of the Bush Administration against them, by using it as a shield which enables him to defy Washington and seize further control of Pakistan, without any fear of consequences from the US.

After all, how would it look if President Bush had to suddenly turn against one of his last/best allies in the region?

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