Thursday, November 22, 2007

McClellan Faults Bush In CIA Leak: Today's Cartoon

Thinking back to Scott McClellan's awkward tenure as White House Press Secretary, it makes sense that the often nervous and uncomfortable relation he had with the media was not due to the questions being asked... but rather the answers he was giving.

McClellan's admission that he "unknowingly" mislead the public with "false information" about the Valerie Plame scandal, appears to incriminate members of the Oval office directly of their involvement in the leaking of the covert CIA agent's identity; something which if true, would sink the Bush Administration... if all their hot air didn't constantly keep them afloat.

Despite this surprising (yet somewhat obvious) revelation, the publisher of McClellan's memoir insists that the former press secretary does not believe that President Bush "lied" to him about the role of the White House in the Plame affair; however, since the book is about misinforming the public, I guess we'll have to wait until his NEXT tell-all to know for sure if he is telling us the truth.

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