Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hollywood Writers Go On Strike: Today's Cartoon

Who needs "The Daily Show", when you've got "Beyond the Punchline"... Don't worry kids, I'll take care of you :)

That's right, I'm crossing the virtual picket line; because somebody's got to entertain the masses, while Hollywood figures out the best way to split its pennies... which was something this disgruntled blogger learned to do a long time ago ;)

Now, I'm all for unions and an honest day's pay, but it seems to me that whenever a strike forces a business to yield to the demands of its workers, management usually finds a way to get that money back into its pockets; and it almost always comes in the form of layoffs. I mean, why should "show business" be different than any other business, right?

Back in 1988, when the Writers Guild of America last went on strike, there was no internet for the public to turn to fill the void left by "Golden Girls" reruns. Today however, with our increased options and shorter attention spans, television is no longer the main medium of choice for a steadily growing portion of the population. So while studios say that it may take a few weeks before we notice the effects of the strike on our favorite (American) TV shows; for those without any, it may take a lot longer.

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