Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bhutto Calls For Musharraf's Resignation: Today's Cartoon

Be careful what you wish for, Pakistan just might get it...

While Benazir Bhutto's call for the resignation of General Pervez Musharraf may be applauded by those wishing to see an end to the country's military dictatorship, I'm not so sure that a return to "democratic" rule (at this time) would necessarily improve matters; as growing anti-American sentiment among the population could easily give rise to a Islamist government... with nuclear weapons.

Oh sure, it's easy for Bhutto to champion democracy when she has the only name on the ballot; but all it takes is for her to remind the people of Pakistan why she left power (and the country) in the first place, for them to use that regained "democratic" right, to seek a "radical" departure from the corruption of the status quo. And with that, usher in a government that would make even Pervez Musharraf return from exile to overthrow.

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