Monday, November 26, 2007

Australia Votes For Political Climate Change: Today's Cartoon

You know, if the intention of "The Project for the New American Century" was for the United States to assert its "influence" throughout the world, then perhaps the outcome of Australia's election can STILL be interpreted as a victory for the Neo-conservative think tank, even if the results can be viewed primarily as a rejection of it.

From America's policy (or lack thereof) on climate change to its "War on Terror", it seems that the desire by the U.S. to shape the rest of the world may have worked too well; to the point that all a politician seemingly has to do nowadays is oppose whatever the Bush Administration is in favor of, in order to gain the trust of his or her nation. Meaning that the closer the ties are to Washington, the easier it appears for the opposition to gain control of that country.

The way I see it, by signing on to the Kyoto protocol and withdrawing troops from Iraq, Kevin Rudd's landslide victory over Prime Minister John Howard could have only been greater had he actually been running against President Bush himself; in which case, even the Lord Humungus wouldn't have much of a problem convincing Australians to "just walk away".

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