Friday, October 12, 2007

Turkey Recalls U.S. Ambassador: Today's Cartoon

You know, it seems like every time the U.S. tries to do something noble, they somehow manage to make things a lot worse for themselves.

By passing a Congressional bill that officially recognizes the Armenian genocide (92 years after the fact), the United States has waited until the worst possible time for it to finally express an opinion on the matter... and in doing so, may end up losing a key ally in it's "war on terror".

I mean, in all those years in which America could have said something and risk offending Turkey, they instead have decided to do it at a time when they actually can't (with it threatening to cut off its cooperation and support of U.S. operations in Iraq).

Now I don't mean to appear insensitive, but after 92 years why is America suddenly interested in recognizing the Armenian genocide, at the risk of losing its strategic alliance with Turkey? ...After all, it's not like history is going anywhere.

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