Monday, October 29, 2007

Rumsfeld Faces Torture Charges In France: Today's Cartoon

Alright, so it may not be "official" (at least not yet) but even the rumor of Donald Rumsfeld fleeing French authorities after a human rights group filed a criminal complaint against the former Defense Secretary during a visit to France, is enough to at least convince me of people's optimism... as well as their sense of humor.

Now perhaps I've seen too many "Pink Panther" movies, but since we are speculating on information provided to us by "unconfirmed sources", allow me to use mine to envision a bumbling French inspector in hot pursuit of an equally "Clouseau-esque" (yet tragically less funny) U.S. Defense Secretary; so that if the story turns out to be untrue, at least my version of it would make for an entertaining screenplay.

All kidding aside, I think what is most important to note about this rumor is that while people debate whether or not Donald Rumsfeld actually faces arrest in France on charges of war crimes stemming from the authorization of torture in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, no one seems to be arguing that he shouldn't... which for me, makes the possibility that he might, appear all the more believable.

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Anonymous i.m.s. said...


Crimes against peace have been committed,
And would that they were tried,
Condemned, so be it, or acquitted
Defendants as would hide:
If there were justice in the world,
The men behind the deed
Ought have complacency imperiled,
Justice delivered, as would herald
Ghosts of the past be freed.

It was aggression unprovoked
And crime against world peace--
Though much of subterfuge was smoked
So to conceal, appease
The consciences of those involved;
But, I declare again,
With criminal intent resolved
They, wolves not easily out-wolved,
To cheat their fellow men.

Lord, even to the highest reach
Of power´s apparatus,
Let a just judgement, so to teach
Diminishment of status
Be retribution´s recompense
For what they have enacted,
Crimes contrary to common sense,
Crimes against peace, which this day hence
Shall never be redacted.

This people led by charlatans
Yet knew how to discern
The wrong from right, as any man´s
A boy who does not learn;
While this aggressive rape against
The peace be not excused
So easily--be recompensed
With justice, not of wrath incensed
But principle abused.

The quantity of victims need
Not an explicit counting,
Yet let the weight of separate deed
In aggregate amounting
Reveal the clear and present guilt
Of them--cloaked in "preemption"--
That did transgress; no pardon wilt
Though bond were paid by Vanderbilt--
How can there be redemption?

Lord, even criminals as do
Commit crimes against peace
May in repentance come to you--
Nor let such acts as these
By any man prevented be:
However let be made
Explicit verdict, that we see
From heinous trespass none is free
Though he may hide in shade.

The public good will not allow
The crimes to go unnoticed or
Unpunished--cries for justice now
Are heard from victims of this war.

11:39 a.m.  

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