Thursday, October 25, 2007

Condoleezza Caught Red Handed by Protester: Today's Cartoon

I wonder if the protester that waved her blood-colored hands in the face of Condoleezza Rice before her testimony at a Congressional hearing did so because she couldn't get into a taping of "Real Time with Bill Maher" instead.

It seems to me that recently the U.S. anti-war movement has decided to really step up its efforts to get its message heard by the mainstream media... whether they want to listen to it, or not. By disrupting live news programs and press events, it appears that anti-war protesters are able to sneak up and catch these corporate media outlets at their most vulnerable and take that opportunity to fire an unfiltered shot across the bow of the American war propaganda machine.

Now usually these "breaches" only last for a few short moments before security drags off the intruder and the program (or should I say "programming") resumes as normal. But thanks to the internet and sites like Youtube, what was only seen and heard briefly can now be shared and repeated countless times, to the point where the incident overshadows the event itself.

To me this strategy of protesters using the inherent weakness of the corporate media to help promote their agenda would be effective, provided that people were interested in what political figures like Condoleezza Rice have to say in the first place... which for the most part, they are not. Instead it seems that Americans are far more interested in celebrities than they are in politics; and for their part, the corporate "news" excels at feeding this demand.

So, with all the coverage the media provides, it would seem logical that there are plenty more opportunities for the anti-war movement to get their message out by following Britney Spears on a trip to McDonald's than there is waiting in the lobby for members of the Bush Administration to appear before Congress. After all, it's not like everyone is as interested in watching C-SPAN as they are.

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