Thursday, October 11, 2007

Carter Says US Tortures Detainees: Today's Cartoon

While term limits may prevent U.S. presidents from serving more than eight years in office, the way I see it, since Jimmy Carter only served four, he should still be eligible for re-election, 30 years later. Then again, I get the impression that he probably prefers the freedom that comes outside of Washington, of being able to speak the truth of his country and not have to worry about the "political" fallout from it.

It seems to me that if the United States is ever going to repair its tattered image abroad, Jimmy Carter is just about the only American figure who is still respected enough around the world to do it... the only problem is that the Bush Administration is keeping him hard at work criticizing it, instead.

You see, despite what pundits may think of his presidency, Jimmy Carter has since gone on to build an impressive portfolio of public service outside the narrow realm of US politics (which has even earned him the distinction of possibly being the last American to ever win a Nobel Peace Prize). Now as a humanitarian, his efforts already made George W. Bush pale in comparison; but as a respected critic of his administration, Jimmy Carter makes President Bush appear even worse than he does on his own (if that's even possible).

This is problematic in the sense that while Carter can definitely help to improve America's foreign image, his outspokenness against the current government can also contribute substantially towards its steady deterioration... making it that much more difficult for this 83 year-old to fix, if he ever gets the chance.

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