Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Britian To Halve Iraq Force: Today's Cartoon

The way I see it, Britain's decision to reduce its commitment in Iraq from 5000 to 2500 troops by next spring sends a clear message to the Bush Administration that its "policy" must be working.

You see, the longer the United States must fight in the region, the more debt it will need to incur in order to secure its claim to third largest oil reserve in the world, which also means that the less the U.S. can afford to share this immense wealth with the rest of its coalition. So, what better way to avoid splitting the spoils among their allies than by getting them to split, period.

While the Bush Administration may have wanted a multinational force to help shoulder the burden of removing Saddam Hussein, now that he's gone, what they want is to figure out a way to remove this coalition from Iraq as well... which they seem to have succeeded at brilliantly, by allowing the entire nation to fall into chaos; thus forcing their allies out of the country and away from its natural resources.

Now if only the White House could have schemed its way to the oil itself, it would've *almost* been worth the effort... at least financially.

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