Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blackwater Contractors Get Iraq Immunity: Today's Cartoon

You know, with all the reports about Blackwater lately, I get the impression that if the United States government was as interested in protecting Iraqi citizens as they are the security contractors that shoot them, they probably wouldn't have to worry as much about doing either. I mean, how can they possibly expect to gain hearts and minds; when at the same time, they are dealing guns and ammo... and immunity from prosecution?

For its part, the Iraqi government is at least unified in its response to pass a new law, revoking the blanket legal protection granted to foreign security firms, since 2004. Unfortunately, this assertive act by parliament which would otherwise be celebrated by the Bush Administration as a sign of Iraq's fledgling independence, may instead become it's own undoing; as its decision to defy Washington and protect its citizens, may turn out to prove just how little control the Iraqi government actually has over the safety and well-being of its own people.

In which case, I say that if Iraqis can't beat Blackwater, they might as well join it... as private security "sub-contractors". Just take a page out of China's play book and offer to do the same job at a fraction of the cost and I'm fairly certain that Iraq would be able to gain its security back from the United States in no time ;)

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