Monday, October 15, 2007

Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize: Today's Cartoon

So much for thinking that Jimmy Carter would be the last American to win the Nobel Peace Prize; though in my defense, I will say that it must have been a difficult choice for the committee to make, as an award that is traditionally given to individuals in recognition of peace negotiations and human rights was instead awarded to an environmental activist.

Now, I not trying to downplay Al Gore's hard work and accomplishments, but the way I see it, if all it takes to win a Nobel Prize is to make documentaries that "raise awareness" of important issues, then why hasn't Michael Moore won the award already?... Probably because the foundation isn't trying to encourage him to run for President in 2008 ;)

It's strange to think that an award as prestigious as the Nobel Peace Prize would be given to someone in advance of their deeds (or even to encourage them in the first place). I mean, if we're to believe that Gore is deserving such distinction through a documentary and rock concert, then imagine the far greater impact he could make as "leader of the free world". In which case, this year's prize could be interpreted less as a "reward" and more as an "investment" on Al Gore's (future) legacy, as President of the United States.

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