Thursday, September 13, 2007

Putin Dissolves Russian Government: Today's Cartoon

It appears that Vladimir Putin is so serious about encouraging Russia to boost its birth rate that he used its national "Conception Day" as an opportunity to basically tell his government to "f*ck off". Though I guess it makes a lot of sense that their designated sex holiday takes place on a Wednesday; but who knew that Russia only has one "Hump Day" a year... when everyone else gets one every week.

Talk about sending your nation mixed signals... While on the one hand Putin is pleading with his country to produce more children; on the other, he is busy building and testing the most devastating non-nuclear weapons in the world; which could easily get even the coldest Russian "hot and bothered"... just not necessarily for baby-making.

In this age of heightened global awareness, it's nice to see that Russian officials are carefully considering the environmental impact of their weapons of mass destruction, by stressing the point that their new vacuum bombs pack the wallop of a standard nuclear weapon, without the threat of all that dangerous radiation contaminating the already charred and inhospitable landscape. I guess that way, when all those Russian babies inherit what's left of the Earth, they won't have to worry about any mutant ants and cockroaches starting yet another "arms" race.

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