Friday, September 28, 2007

Phil Spector Judge Declares Mistrial: Today's Cartoon

Thanks to the highly publicized O.J. Simpson case in the 1990's, celebrity trials have become a mainstay of the American mainstream media, with attention and resources frequently being diverted from other events in order to saturated their 24 hour "news" cycles with coverage of these judicial spectacles.

Yet with so many celebrities getting into legal trouble nowadays, even some celebrity trials are starting to get preempted, in favor of the more asinine of these media distractions. Such was the case with Phil Specter, whose trial for the shooting of Lana Clarkson barely registered a "blip" on the radar (or at least an hour on Larry King) next to the legal woes of such troubled stars as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and especially the "franchise" player himself, O.J. Simpson.

At first when I heard that the Spector trial had ended in a mistrial, my immediate thought was that the case was canceled due to poor ratings, rather than fact that the jury couldn't reach a verdict. However, despite the apparent lack of round-the-clock media attention, the judge is still demanding a re-trial and is determined to bring this case back as a mid-season replacement... in between Michael Jackson trials ;)

The way I see it, a second Spector trial is great news for the "news", which may have been too distracted by the Anna Nicole "baby-daddy" saga to properly obsess over this case the first time around; and with that, give it the kind of media attention it doesn't deserve... but is entitled to anyway ;)

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