Thursday, September 06, 2007

Jerry Lewis Apologizes For Gay Slur: Today's Cartoon

Personally, I think the biggest offense that Jerry Lewis committed during this year's Labor Day Telethon was not dropping an anti-gay slur during a comedy bit, but aborting the act as soon as he said it. I mean, if you know you've already crossed the line, then you might as well make a run for it and hope that you can reach a "punchline" before they yank you off the stage. At least that way there is a "joke" to consider, before the public can tear into you instead.

What I find most shocking about this, is that a word so powerful it's capable of wiping out nearly 50 years of charitable contribution and billions raised for medical research is actually considered "anti-gay", when it sounds anything but. Oh sure, the term carries historical baggage that was once interpreted as being negative towards homosexuals, but if the reaction (and swift resolution) to this incident is any sort of indication of the real "threat" that this remark poses the gay community... then those days appear to be long gone.

Not only did Jerry Lewis' single utterance of the three-letter "f-bomb" completely overshadow an entire 21 hour variety telethon and the 64 million dollars it raised for charity, but it immediately shifted the focus of the event from Muscular Dystrophy to Gay Rights, through groups pressuring Lewis to issue an apology, affirming that he holds no prejudices against homosexuals. Now that to me doesn't seem like a particularly "anti-gay" word. In fact, with these kinds of results, I'm surprised the Gay community doesn't encourage more celebrities to use it.

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