Tuesday, September 11, 2007

General Petraeus Delivers Iraq Report: Today's Cartoon

If General Petraeus' report represents the White House's view of Iraq (or vice versa), then if nothing else, they have certainly done an excellent job at convincing themselves that they are doing an excellent job.

I mean, basically this report is no different than the countless other "war assessments" that are based on shaky statistics, which are nothing more than interpretations based on interpretations favorable to their own. So in the end what you have is not necessarily an accurate view of the situation, but rather a "dramatization" based entirely on how you would like to see it.

Thus, the more that "favorable statistics" are used to paint a picture of Iraq, the blurrier that image becomes... which depending on how optimistic you are in Bush's war policy, can at least provide some with a wonderful escape from a grim reality.

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