Friday, September 14, 2007

Bush Addresses Iraq Recommendations: Today's Cartoon

Personally, I think that any political gains that may have been made from General Petraeus' "optimistic" assessment of Bush's Iraq strategy were almost immediately lost by the President himself, when he decided to appear on television and in a prime time address, publicly punt responsibility for his tragically ill-conceived war ahead, for future administrations to fumble with it.

Seriously, how much further can the Bush Administration's expectations for Iraq continue to decline, before they finally come to the startling realization that they are actually doing way more harm than good? I mean, when they are aspiring to achieve a situation comparable to North Korea and it's 50 year stand-off with the U.S. and consider THAT to be their best case scenario, it really makes me wonder who could possibly benefit from it... Iraq, the United States... or perhaps current occupants of the White House?

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