Thursday, August 16, 2007

U.S. To Name Iran's Guard Terrorists: Today's Cartoon

Betcha' the White House is kicking itself for not doing the same thing to Saddam's Republican Guard, before they invaded Iraq.

Learning from it's mistakes, it appears that the United States government may have figured out a better way to use its "Global War on Terror" to justify the invasion of other nations... by designating that country's official army as a "terrorist organization".

Iran's continued defiance towards the Bush Administration has earned it's Revolutionary Guard a spot on America's list of recognized terrorist groups. And while claims of Tehran's desire for nuclear weapons and its involvement in Iraq's violence are disputed, one thing that is certain is that Iran frustrates the heck out of Neo-cons hawks, who are determined to find a reason to go to war with them... which ironically, may be the only justification they actually need.

The way I see it, if "frustration" is viewed as a "terrorist" tactic, then EVERY cute girl I meet at a club or in a pub must be working for Al Qaeda.

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