Friday, August 03, 2007

Russia Claims The North Pole: Today's Cartoon

I guess Russia's controversial claim to the untapped resources of the North Pole means that climate change isn't as big of a concern for them as it is for everyone else, since these energy riches are only accessible due to the rise in global warming.

Now, despite the Kremlin's symbolic effort, everyone knows that the North Pole already belongs to Canada and has been Canadian territory since 1983, when Canada Post issued Santa Claus with his own CANADIAN postal code so children could send him their Christmas lists. I mean c'mon, if Moscow really had any sort of claim to the North Pole then "naughty" kids around the world would be receiving polonium in their stockings while the rest of them got vodka and pregnant :P

Unfortunately it appears that Putin's claim to the high arctic will likely result in similar declarations by the leaders of Canada, Norway, Denmark and the United States; resulting in a tense stand-off at the top of the world. So the way I see it, rather than thaw out the Cold War, the best way to resolve this territorial dispute over the North Pole and its resources, is to reverse the effects of global warming; and once again cut them off to everyone.

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