Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Russia Accused Of Georgian Missile Strike: Today's Cartoon

I got to admit that when I first heard that Georgians were accusing Russia of a missile strike, my initial reaction was like any North American, to speculate as to the amount of moonshine consumed prior to the outhouse exploding. Of course, the "Georgia" being referred to here is not the American state, but rather the former Soviet republic and Russian neighbor.

In recent weeks, Russia has managed to get itself into more "rows" with other countries than a Viking ship on a pillaging expedition. It seems that with the world's attention focused squarely on the Middle East, the former Superpower and Cold War participant has begun to assert itself more in the absence of an effective U.S. foreign policy.

Yet for its part, the Kremlin has denied any involvement in the botched missile-strike against its neighbor; which regardless of being true or not, makes perfect strategic sense. You see, by making the world think it is crazy, the less likely any nation will want to mess with Russia; but that can only succeed if no one thinks they fire duds.

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