Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rumsfeld Denies Tillman Cover-up: Today's Cartoon

I must admit, it was GREAT to see Donald Rumsfeld again; because quite frankly, whenever I don't for a while, I begin to get nervous. Now, say what you will about the former U.S. Defense Secretary, but the way I see it, the more Rumsfeld is in the public-eye denying cover-ups that may have occurred during his tenure at the Pentagon, the less likely he can cover-up anything new.

The controversy surrounding the "friendly-fire" incident that took the life of former NFL star-turned-soldier Pat Tillman lead many to believe that the Department of Defense had deliberately withheld information in order to preserve the reputation of the United States military; however, further investigation into the shooting has recently revealed evidence to suggest something much more sinister.

So disturbing in fact are these inconsistencies that it brought Donald Rumsfeld out of hiding and before a House Oversight Committee, to address questions about the case and to once again remind the public that when there's smoke... there's Rummy, trying to blow it in their face.

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