Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Owen Wilson Hospitalized: Today's Cartoon

Regardless of the individual or the situation, the decision by someone to take their own life (for whatever reason) is an extremely serious matter that obviously needs be addressed with the utmost care and consideration... that is unless the attempt fails; in which case, you hope for a speedy recovery, at least until they are well enough to be given the riot act, for the anguish they have caused the people around them.

Now, despite what some people may think, there is absolutely no justification in my mind for anyone, especially a Hollywood star, to jump the line and cut in front of the terminally ill and ridiculously old who are mere moments away from paradise. The way I see it, these poor souls have waited a lifetime to earned their spot and the last thing they need is some dopey celebrity, distraught over his spectacular love life, shoving them aside while trying to bribe the doorman with slit wrists and a belly full of sleeping pills.

It's R.I.P. not V.I.P. Now wait your turn, like the rest of us puny mortals ;)

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