Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mattel Orders Mass Chinese Toy Recall: Today's Cartoon

With the announcement of yet another huge toy recall by Mattel over health and safety concerns of it's Chinese-made products, it is starting to appear as though China is fast becoming the real-world equivalent to the ACME Corporation... minus the Earthquake pills and the Do-It-Yourself Rocket-Sled Kit.

As more focus and scrutiny is being placed upon imported Chinese-made items, it seems that more tainted products are being discovered; which is good to know, if it weren't for the facts that China pretty much manufactures EVERYTHING we buy nowadays. So, I guess in the end consumers do end up paying a higher price for all that cheap labor, after all.

Well, say what you might about standard and quality of Chinese-made imports, but if they didn't cut a few corners to meet demands, then how else could Santa be ready in time for Christmas?

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