Monday, August 27, 2007

Greek Wildfires Spark National Emergency: Today's Cartoon

Much to my surprise Greece's worst forest fires in living memory was not the result of climate change or an angry Hephaestus, but the work of arsonists. I mean, who knew that the Greeks were such pyromaniacs? Then again this IS the country that gave us the Olympic torch relay.

You know, it's situations like this when people are caught in the path of nature's fury that I begin to question the need to worry so much about global warming... when apparently our neighbors seem far more likely to do us in, before the planet gets around to it.

The way I see, despite the complex challenges we encounter as an "advanced" civilization, the greatest problem we face today is the same one that has plagued us throughout the ages and that is nothing threatens to our way of life more, than fire in the hands of Neanderthals. Now, wouldn't you love to see Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio do a documentary about that?

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