Friday, August 24, 2007

Bush Compares Iraq Withdrawal to Vietnam: Today's Cartoon

The way I see it, President Bush's assessment that an Iraq withdrawal would result in the same loss of life that followed America's departure from Vietnam only proves how destabilizing U.S. intervention has been in that country and in no way does it justify prolonging it... especially since history has already told us what the outcome is going to be.

While it may be true that countless thousands were maimed and executed following the Vietnam war, there was really nothing that the United States could have done to prevent it. Even if they had stayed in the region, they were too bogged down in Vietnam to intervene in Laos and Cambodia; and even if they could, troop morale and public support were at such a low point that the result would have been an even greater disaster (and larger loss of life).

Wow... I guess when President Bush was told that he didn't have to serve in Vietnam, someone must have said that he didn't have to pay attention either.

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