Thursday, August 09, 2007

Barry Bonds Breaks Home Run Record: Today's Cartoon

If Barry Bonds used steroids to help him break Hanks Aaron's all-time career home run record, then instead of an asterisks beside the statistic, I think there should probably be a giant question mark next to it, as if to say "So what, he got away with it, didn't he?"

Assuming that Bonds did take performance enhancing drugs (I know, hard to believe) then who is really the most at fault for that, the player or the league, for enabling him to do it through their non-existent drug testing policy? As far as I can tell, "cheating" would indicate a clear violation of the rules (where they exist); and yet despite serious suspicions about his performance, the league has never proven that Barry Bonds committed an infraction, which means that (like it or not) the record should count.

Now, many fans critical of Bonds' accomplishment will view this as a black-eye for the sport of baseball; but personally, I think it's one that it needs to have in order to start cleaning-up its act.
Hopefully the lose of one of its most treasured statistics through the (suspected) use of drugs will motivate players try to surpass Bonds' accomplishment "cleanly" and bring respectability back to the home run record... and the game itself.

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Blogger brusso said...

The league is somewhat at fault for having a joke of a drug testing program. Now that drug testing has increased power numbers have been at a steady decline. There should be an asterisk on the record because it is clear he didn't do it cleanly. I do however think the government needs to stop being so involved. It is the leagues problem to deal with not the government.

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