Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alleged Police Provocateurs at Montebello Summit: Today's Cartoon

Judging by the video taken by demonstrators at the recent "Three Amigos" summit in Montebello Quebec, either the three suspected "agent provocateurs" were indeed undercover police officers or they were the lamest Anarchists that I have ever seen. I mean, did you see how quickly they surrendered to riot cops after scurrying behind the police barrier, to avoid protesters removing their bandannas? You know, for rock-wielding goons set on having a confrontation with authorities, they sure didn't put up much of a fight.

Of course, the RCMP and the Quebec Provincial Police have both flatly denied the use of uncover agents at the summit; which should seem fairly obvious, since admitting to such allegations would sort of negate the need for being so sneaky in the first place. Yet even in denial, the police do not appear to rule out the possibility that the three individuals were indeed provocateurs... just that they didn't originate from their department.

But, as anyone who has ever seen an episode of "The Sopranos" can probably tell you, whenever a dirty deed is needed to be done, it is always best to hire someone outside of the crew to do it. That way if anything goes wrong, it can't be linked back to the family... even if the whole thing was caught on video and posted on Youtube ;)

*Update* BUSTED! The police now admit that they were indeed undercover cops... this is going to be interesting.

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