Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tour de France Marred By Scandals: Today's Cartoon

It seems that the only one's peddling harder than the cyclists at this year's Tour de France are perhaps those keeping them supplied with their dope.

Over the course of this year's race, numerous riders have been eliminated from competition after failing drug tests, including front-runner Alexandre Vinokourov and his entire team. With so much urine testing postive for performance-enhancing suppliments, I'm surprised a company like Gatorade hasn't tried to market it.

Now like most people, I believe that the use of illegal drugs in competition is appalling and ruins the integrity of the sport; but as a spectator, I must admit that seeing these great athletic achievements fall under scrutiny due to drug scandals, creates in my mind the delusion that a slouch like me could actually perform just as well as any of these highly-paid and over-hyped juice-monkeys, if given the same amount of Erythropoietin with my Wheaties each morning.

You see, if cheating has become essential to winning, then I can say without a doubt that I could win the Tour de France, if I were to "try" like everyone else... I just respect myself too much not to ;)

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