Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pakistan Army Storms Red Mosque: Today's Cartoon

Whenever I hear the military using "human shield" to describe civilians in harm's way during an operation, I always wonder if the term is applied accurately; or if it's being used as a method to advance the mission, with complete disregard for the loss of innocent life. I mean, if all it takes is a simple explanation, then the military could easily excuse itself of any responsibility for its actions, since fault has already been assigned to those who are supposedly hiding behind these "shields".

It's hard to say if the tragic situation at Pakistan's Red Mosque could have been avoided, but it seems to me that by adding women and children to the scenario, the militants only made matters worse for themselves (and their cause), by practically guaranteeing a full-scale assault on the complex and the blame for every loss of innocent life that resulted from it.

In the end this seems as much a military operation by the Pakistan army as it was a strategic public relations exercise by the Musharraf Government, to re-establish a sense of law and order in the country; while at the same time, orchestrating public outrage towards these radical Islamist groups for the events that took place at the Lal Masjid mosque.

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