Friday, July 27, 2007

Michael Vick Dog-Fighting Scandal: Today's Cartoon

If "all dogs go to heaven" as the 1989 animated children's movie claims, then Atlanta Falcon's quarterback Michael Vick might wanted to consider making other "post-game" plans.

Next to perhaps "circle-jerking", dog-fighting is easily one of the most morally reprehensible group activities that I can think of; and yet apparently it's popularity (specifically in North America) continues to grow. Now, much of the blame for this has been aimed directly at America's "Hip-Hop" culture for what critics observe as the glorification and endorsement of this shameful activity. And while I'm not sure just how accurate those accusations are, I fairly certain that bull-fighting and fox-hunting still wouldn't mind the same exposure.

The way I see it, the best way to counter the growing problem of not just dog-fighting, but dog attacks in general, is to establish some sort of special licensing program for certain "fighting breeds" that requires a background check of the potential owner, as well as compulsory (graduated) obedience training, spade/neutering and micro-chipping of the dog; all at their expense. Bascially, obtaining a breed like a pitbull should be made more like purchasing a car; and while that in itself may not eliminate the problem of dog-fighting, it may at least help to reduce its frequency by making it more difficult for these organizers to keep re-filling their kennels.

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Blogger Ankhorite said...

A circle-jerk is positively benign and life-affirming compared to a dogfight. Thanks for the good 'toon!

11:17 a.m.  

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