Monday, July 09, 2007

Live Earth Concert Promotes Green Living: Today's Cartoon

While I certainly can appreciate Al Gore's intentions, I'm not so sure that getting 2 billion people to sit in front of their TVs to watch a 24 hour rock concert is really doing the planet any favors... then again, it did stop them from wasting even more energy, by leaving their homes.

The way I see it, if Al Gore wanted to use a series of rock concerts to promote energy conservation, then he completely went about it the wrong way. I mean, instead of enlisting the world's most popular artists to encourage people to stop wasting energy, what better way to get that point across than by recruiting performers that nobody would want to watch.

Personally, I don't believe that this global concert trend is the answer to the world's problems; if anything, they are a distraction from it. If "Live Aid" in 1985 did little to end global hunger then what makes the promoters of "Live Earth" think that their event will be any different? To me it seems that if public apathy towards these global crisis' is such a concern, then why reward the public's bad behavior, by given them something they enjoy? If we as people are to blame for climate change, then why on Earth are we treated to a rock concert that serves more to celebrate this dubious accomplishment than criticize us for it?

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