Friday, July 20, 2007

Final Harry Potter Book Released: Today' Cartoon

Thanks to the internet, not only does it seem like books are becoming obsolete, but so too are the stories in them...

With the official release of JK Rowling's final installment of the hugely popular "Harry Potter" series still hours away, it appears that a few anxious readers have not only jumped the line... but eliminated it altogether, by posting every detail of the book (including the actual pages) online.

Now, while this has become a fairly common practice with motion pictures, unless the entire movie has been uploaded and made available on the web, chances are people will still go and see it in the theater because there is a visual component to the narrative... unlike literature, where it takes place entirely in the reader's mind. For that reason, spoiling a book can be about as simple as revealing the story's main plot points and letting people's imagination fill in the rest; thus shutting out the author's influence altogether.

Who knows? Perhaps in the future, the great writers will not be those who create brilliant works of literature, but rather those who write wonderful synopses of it on their blogs.

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