Friday, July 13, 2007

Bush Firm on Iraq Despite Report: Today's Cartoon

If even the White House's own assessment of the situation in Iraq is "mixed" at best, then perhaps by waiting until September before considering any policy changes, the Bush Administration is hoping that a few new staffers in Washington might drastically improve the conditions on the ground in Baghdad.

To me, what's most frustrating about this report is not that Iraq has fallen short on its set agenda, but that it represents a "reality" that the White House is actually willing to accept; and even still, President Bush is at odds with it.

Seeing as this is only an "interim" report, I guess these findings could be interpreted as "spoilers" for those awaiting the final version (or who still support the President's Iraq policy); but like all works in progress, changes can still occur right up until the official release... Then again, at such a late stage, the adjustments that are made are usually minor "tweaks" that have more to do with the "presentation" than the story itself.

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Anonymous MikeFitz said...

This is one of your most inspired cartoons, Kevin. I like it!

3:56 a.m.  

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