Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bush Denies Congress Access to Aides: Today's Cartoon

You know, with all the "stonewalling" the Bush Administration likes to do, you'd think they would have done a better job at securing their borders and preventing illegals from entering the US... especially when you consider how effective they've been at keeping Congress out the White House.

With so many investigations currently underway, it's easy to lose track of which one President Bush is reacting to. Yet fortunately for us, his response (or lack thereof) tends to be the same... so in the end, it really doesn't matter anyway.

By evoking "Executive Privilege" the Bush Administration can effectively block any and all attempts by the legislative and judicial branch of the US government to intervene in the (potentially criminal) conduct of the White House. In other words, the President of the United States is basically above the law, as long as he can prevent it from ever being applied to him... which is seemingly so easy to accomplish that even someone as "folksy" as George W. Bush can do it.

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