Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bush Commutes Libby's Sentence: Today's Cartoon

President Bush's decision to commute the prison sentence of Scooter Libby wasn't much of a surprise to anyone; especially the Democrats, who were quick to react by delivering their well-rehearsed condemnation of this highly anticipated political maneuver.

For whatever reason, the U.S. constitution grants the President the capacity to issue pardons, commute sentence and generally undermine America's confidence in its judicial system. Perhaps this is because none of the "founding fathers" could have foreseen a time where this executive power would fall exclusively into the hands of "criminals" (or "would-be criminals", if they ever allowed themselves to be prosecuted).

Like the uninvited guest who ruins the party for everyone else, President Bush is making the most of his remaining time in the White House, by completely trashing the reputation of the GOP while stretching the tolerance of the American people to unbelievably thin levels. For Bush, the power he currently wields as president will probably be the most of any U.S. leader for the foreseeable future; as more checks and balances are (hopefully) put in place, to prevent situations like this from occurring again.

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