Monday, July 02, 2007

Britain's Terror Scare: Today's Cartoon

This latest wave of "terror" to hit the UK appears to have been received with a great deal of "fear" and "suspicion". Neither of these reactions I would consider a "positive" response to a serious threat, since they tend to lure people away from the reality of the situation and often replace facts with a fiction that they've envisioned... or was created for them. That being said, when all you have to go on is that these would-be terrorists drove a Mercedes and that their attempt came just as Gordon Brown took over from Tony Blair, sometimes fear and suspicion IS the reality of a situation.

In the absence of any actual information, some have theorized that these "botched attacks" are a sneaky way of getting the Brown government to adopt Blair's controversial and unpopular anti-terrorism laws and immediately put them into effect. Now, this would imply that either the terrorists are incredibly self-loathing or that these plots were in fact staged; and yet, I'd prefer to think that the British government IS orchestrating such events because it would mean that as unpredictable and terrifying as these attacks appear, ultimately the situation is already entirely under control... and the only thing the public really has to worry about, is being conscripted into one of these elaborate public service announcements.

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