Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Britain Expels Four Russian Diplomats: Today's Cartoon

By deporting four diplomats over Moscow's refusal to cooperate with Britain's Litvinenko case, Parliment appears to have sent the Kremlin a strong message... that the only Russians the UK is interested in talking to are criminals. Either that, or we've just witnessed new Prime Minister Gordon Brown throw his first hissy-fit in office.

Obviously, British officials had to do something in response to their country being infiltrated by an assassin carrying highly radioactive polonium-210 into the heart of London; so I guess instead of arresting the culprit, deporting four diplomats out of frustration was the next best thing. But was it really?

I mean, now that Britain has punished Russia for its unwillingness to extradite the main suspect in their investigation, does that mean that the case is now closed; and rather than prosecute an individual, authorities have decided to pass judgment on an entire country instead? If so, then tossing out a bunch of diplomats (who will probably be back in a few months) seems like a slap on the wrist for such a serious crime. But I guess when you are forced to divide the sentence
among 140 million people, the punishment tends to get somewhat diluted.

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