Friday, July 06, 2007

American Claims Competitive Eating Crown: Today's Cartoon

I'm not sure if I would call competitive eaters "athletes", but I sure hope the officials checked those hot dogs for steroids, mmmm!

Speed eating is an acquire taste that not everyone is willing to stomach (how's that for puns?). Some see it less as a sporting event and more of a sideshow attraction that promotes decadence and gluttony instead of healthy competition and well-being. To those people I have just one thing to ask... were they planning on eating any of those hot dogs?

The way I see it, while competitive eating may not be my thing, for those willing to gorge themselves retarded on desserts and junk food, I say more power to them; because personally, I'd rather see that vast quantity of unhealthy food be concentrated into just a few people than have it dispersed among a crowd.

Statistics indicated that about 60 million (or one third of) adult Americans are obese, the highest prevalence among developed nations. This means that for all the food that goes to waste during these high-profile eating contests, that's a couple of hundred less "Twinkies" getting into America's chubby little fingers. I mean, if the United States already has its war on drugs and war on terrorism, then why shouldn't they also have a war on obesity, with these contests serving as the front lines?

I think more people would be accepting of competitive eating, if it were marketed less as a competition and more as a "public service".... or should I say a public "execution", of some of America's most dangerous food ;)

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