Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit Tragedy: Today's Cartoon

When it comes to professional wrestling, the real spectacle has always been what takes place behind the scenes; the rest is just a huge waste of time. I mean, who needs elaborate storylines and characters when you've got hectic schedules and steroids?

The nomadic lifestyle of professional wrestlers takes its toll on many of them; with the only difference being the manner in which it eventually overcomes them. For most it's drugs, while others fall victim to accidents (both in and out of the ring). Yet for some, like Chris Benoit, the industry seems to become so overwhelming that the end result is something beyond even the promoter's twisted imagination.

The way I see it, athletes and performers like professional wrestlers are as much a "role model" for people as race horses and circus elephants are. Sure they may be entertaining to watch, but ultimately they are trained to earn their "handlers" as much money as physically possible. Basically, as long as they are healthy, they are profitable and will remain so until the pressure finally gets the better of them and they either break down, or run amok.

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