Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tony Blair Resigns as British PM: Today's Cartoon

Out of ALL the people that could have been selected to be "special peace envoy" to the Middle East, it has somehow been determined that former British Prime Minister (and Iraq and Afghanistan war enthusiast) Tony Blair is the best choice to help stabilize the region... perhaps since he's already excelled at doing just the opposite.

I guess in terms of "qualifications" Tony Blair could be considered the right person for the job, but that all depends on what the "objective" actually is. If it's to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians, then forget it. But, if it's to arose Arab suspicion to the point that they are unwilling to cooperate, then Blair could make the perfect "agent provocateur".

With his public image shattered by his unwaivering loyalty to the Bush Administration as well as his participation in the Iraq invasion and inactivity during last year's war between Israel and Lebanon, the last place one might expect Tony Blair to make any positive difference is in the Middle East. Basically, I would say that anyone (including YOU) is probably more qualified to serve as special peace envoy to the Middle East than Tony Blair... provided that you haven't invaded any countries there, recently.

However, I will say this in his favor; as complicated as the reasons usually are as to why diplomacy always seems to fail in that region, Tony Blair can certainly work to help make it a little less difficult to understand.

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