Friday, June 22, 2007

Salman Rushdie Awarded British Knighthood: Today's Cartoon

Although the ceremony did have him kneeling and with a sword near his neck; for enemies of the British author Salman Rushdie, the end result was a HUGE disappointment.

The knighthood awarded to the controversial writer of "The Satanic Verses" has prompted protests and condemnation across the Islamic world, towards both Rushdie and the British monarchy. But more notably, the occasion has also served as a fresh reminder to many Muslims of the reasons and extent in which they disliked him in the first place.

Despite having a "fatwa" ordered against him lifted in 1998, attitudes towards Salman Rushdie have hardly changed as a result; basically, people either love him... or they want to chop his head off, which is why public praise and honors bestowed upon the author are often viewed as much in recognition of that controversy as it is a celebration of his literary work. And while the British officials may defend the decision to honor Rushdie with a knighthood, out of all the books he's written, most people can only think of one... and it's certainly not "Grimus".

Well, regardless of what other people may think of the recognition, to me it always seems more appropriate when a"Knight" is someone who could actually use a suit of armor.

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