Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rumsfeld Refuted on Abu Ghraib: Today's Cartoon

According to a scathing new report by investigative reporter Semour Hersh, not only did former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld know about the abuses taking place in Abu Ghraib prison, but he deliberately lied under oath to a Congressional committee about how much he knew of the scandal and when he initially found out.

In his testimony, Rumsfeld claimed that he only learned about the abuse when he saw the footage... after it was leaked to the public in early 2004. Before then, he had absolutely no idea that there was anything wrong in Iraq, because apparently he was too busy jamming his fingers in his ears and humming the "Star-Spangled Banner", to bother to find out.

You see, in the wonderful world of Donald Rumsfeld EVERYTHING is subjective and a simple matter of interpretation. While efforts may have been made to tell him about Abu Ghraib, Rumsfeld could still claim to have had no "prior knowledge" of the scandal because he was successfully able to ignore these attempts to inform him and thus avoid any responsibility for the situation.

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